Sleipner PRO™ power control unit, PPC520

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Variable speed control unit for PRO™ thrusters.




Variable speed control unit for PRO™ thrusters. The PPC520 Power Control Unit rates for a maximum output current of 500A and is compatible with all 12-volt electric tunnel thrusters ranging from SE30 to SE60 (3,1KW) and all 24-volt models ranging from SE50 to SE130 (6,5KW). Find out more information below.

The PPC520 store historical fault codes and communicate real-time information to the PJC control panel such as amount and direction of thrust on either thruster, remaining run time, battery status and temperature. Please note that the PJC control panels must be running software v2.018 or later to support these new units.

To upgrade a standard on/off thruster system to PRO (variable speed control), you need a PPC Power Control Unit and an upgrade kit for the internal wiring loom. Your local Sleipner dealer can advise correct upgrade kits for your system.

PPC520 Power Control Unit
  • Plug & Play S-Link™ control cable wiring
  • Easy to access, solid main cable terminals
  • Easy to place as it can be located anywhere between the batteries and the thrusters, also in areas requiring ignition protected parts
  • Reliable solid-state switching
  • Thermal and over current protection
  • Active cooling for continuous usage
Thruster compatibility
  • 12V SE25, SE30, SE40, SE50, SE60
  • 24V SE50, SE60, SE80, SE100, SE120, SE130
  • 48V Not supported
  • (H) Height: 226mm / 8.9in
  • (L) Length: 143mm / 5.6in
  • (W) Width: 190mm / 7.5in
Operating PowerElectric
Power Requirement12V DC, 24V DC
Nominal Current Draw500A
Weight2.8kg / 6.2lbs

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