Sleipner SPS66B Actuator kit for Vector Fins™ VF1050

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For VF1050 stabilizer fins. The height inside a boat is often a critical measurement when installing stabilizing systems in modern boats.

Sleipner's SPS66 actuators for Vector fins™ are up to 75 percent more compact than others, constructed for easy installation and minimal noise reproduction.

Silent and Reliable Construction

Technical design benefits

  • Precision machining and assembly secures a long lifetime and durability.
  • No additional center lock. This is automatic in the standard hydraulic system – very safe due to the hydraulics having extreme safety limits – actually stronger than the shaft.
  • Dual cylinders provide a balanced load, unlike single-cylinder solutions and less bearing load, allowing for a more compact shaft bearing assembly.
  • Purpose-designed dual shaft sealing - superior to standard Simmer Ring lip seals.
  • Internal hydraulic connections on actuators are pre-fitted. The installer only fits non-moving hoses/pipes - Easier and safer.
  • No complex adjustments are required to set up a controller with lots of factors. These are set automatically on the first sea-trial of the boat.
  • Bearing the lifetime lubricated SKF high-load bearings transferring the cylinder forces to the fins, have a built-in tightening system. This means that when you on most brands often need to change all bearings to remove a small noise from minimal bearing wear, you can instead tighten them again and keep going—saving both cost and hassle to get the bearings changed.
  • Vector fins are easily and quickly installed and removed from the outside for best convenience, such as transport or other haul-out situations.
  • Defined shaft-shear point in cDefined shaft-shear point in case of the fins accidentally hitting something.
  • All wet parts are made of stainless steel.

Size comparison

Size from side view compared to other brand actuators for similar fin size:


The concave shape of the Vector Fins™ creates multilateral force direction improving the stationary positioning of a vessel while at anchor. The uniqueness of the design also becomes evident while underway as it improve in effectiveness as speed increases. Sea trials have proven that Vector Fins™ are up to 50% more efficient at anchor and capable of reducing the uncomfortable rolling motions of the vessel by up to 95% while cruising.
Designed to fit in small and challenging installation areas, the Vector Fins™ unique cone shaft design allows you to utilize the space onboard to install the actuators in any direction and insert the fins into the position you require.
S-Link™ is a CAN-based control system used for communication between Sleipner products installed on a vessel.
  • Compact and waterproof plugs
  • Keyed and color-coded connectors to ensure correct and easy installation
  • Different cable lengths, extenders and T-connectors makes the system scalable and flexible to install
Powered by hydraulic pressure.
  • (H) Height: 190mm / 7.5in
  • (+H) Additional Height: 318mm / 12.5in
  • (L) Length: 770mm / 30.3in
  • (W) Width: 650mm / 25.6in
  • (D) Diameter: 175mm / 6.8in
  • (HT) Hull Thickness: 70mm / 2.8in
Operating PowerHydraulic
Power RequirementHydraulic Pressure
Ideal Vessel ClassCommercial vessel, Motor boat
Ideal Vessel Size> 20m / > 70ft
Weight105kg / 231.5lbs

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