Kobelt Vitals 6700 + AM-12280 Single channel NMEA2000/N2K converter

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Monitoring system for 1 engine.

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Κωδικός:  Vitals-6700+AM-12280


Monitoring system for 1 engine.
Kobelt Vitals 6700

Vitals provides advanced warning of potential equipment failures with an array of smart alarms that alert a vessel owner to potential problems before they become catastrophic, easily configured to suit any type of boat.
Vitals will monitor your vessel's systems and alert you when any piece of monitored equipment is outside of its defined running parameters.

  • Color touch screen
  • NMEA2000 & NMEA0183 interfaces
  • Eight (8) digital inputs
  • Four (4) analog inputs
  • Two (2) resistive input channels
  • Two (2) frequency input channels
  • Smart Temperature bus supports twelve (12) sensors
  • One (1) controllable solid state relay output

For full specifications, see the PDF file.

AM-12280 Single channel NMEA2000/N2K converter

Single channel NMEA2000/N2K Converter, 0-190Ohm, up to 13 sensors.

  • Acquisition of sensor parameters and convert to NMEA2000 parameters
  • Up to 13 sensors can be collected
  • Size: 100x68x50mm
  • Operating voltage 9 to 32 Volts(DC)
  • Power Consumption <120mA
  • Operating Temperature -30~75degrees
  • Storage Temperature -40~85degrees
  • Degree of Protection lp67
  • Connect to “Micro-C” NMEA 2000 interface
  • Connect the corresponding interface according to the functional requirements

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