8″ Touch monitor + Maretron MBB300C + AM-12280 Single channel

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Monitoring system for 1 engine.

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Κωδικός:  Monitor+MBB300C+AM-12280


Monitoring system for 1 engine.
8″ Capacitive Touch monitor

Capacitive Touch Monitors have a modern sleek look with its flat edge to edge glass IP65 water- and dust proof front panels. This device has capacitive 10-finger multitouch, glass front reaching MosH 7, the glass surface is anti-glare treated (chemical etching) and a wide variety of connectors. All the monitors have VESA 75 or VESA 100 screw patterns on the back.

This device has an optically bonded touch panel, which will improve the stability, reduce the reflection, increase the viewing angle, and enhance the perceived brightness. It also provides resistance to dust particles and shows a better image in general.

These devices are the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications, including POS systems, control panels in industrial fields, kiosk systems, office/residence automation, digital signage and in areas like shopping malls, classrooms, hotels and many more.

  • Anti-glare surface treatment (chemical etching)
  • 10-Finger-Multi Touch Capacitive Touch Panel
  • 1.1mm cover glass with 7H surface hardness
  • Optically bonded Touch Panel to LCD Panel
  • Patented IP65 front with silicone seal
  • Integrated audio speakers (2x2w)

For more specifications, see the PDF file.

Maretron MBB300C Vessel Monitoring and Control Black Box

Maretron’s third generation Black Box (MBB300C) is a dedicated processing unit that includes Maretron’s N2KView® vessel monitoring and control software. Unlike a PC that allows any software to be loaded, the MBB300C runs only N2KView® software making it extremely stable and dedicated to monitoring and controlling your vessel.

The MBB300C is ruggedized for marine use and includes a solid state disk drive to withstand the pounding associated with waves. And since the MBB300C dissipates less than 10 watts, there is no need for internal cooling fans that are noisy and wear out causing electronics to overheat and fail.

For more details and specifications, click here

AM-12280 Single channel NMEA2000/N2K converter

Single channel NMEA2000/N2K Converter, 0-190Ohm, up to 13 sensors.

  • Acquisition of sensor parameters and convert to NMEA2000 parameters
  • Up to 13 sensors can be collected
  • Size: 100x68x50mm
  • Operating voltage 9 to 32 Volts(DC)
  • Power Consumption <120mA
  • Operating Temperature -30~75degrees
  • Storage Temperature -40~85degrees
  • Degree of Protection lp67
  • Connect to “Micro-C” NMEA 2000 interface
  • Connect the corresponding interface according to the functional requirements

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