Veratron VDO A2C1747290001 Tubular Sensor 700mm

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Deep-Pipe Level Sender – 700mm – 240 to 33 Ohm.

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SKU:  A2C1747290001
Deep-Pipe Level Sender - 700mm - 240 to 33 Ohm.

Deep-Pipe Level Sensor is ideal for usage in fuel tanks. Its 38 mm diameter vertical tube contains a float inside, which measures a level of the liquid. Small holes at the top and bottom of the tube act as a baffle to fuel sloshing around in the fuel tank, so the float position remains stable at any sea state.

Sensors are made in various lengths starting at 150 mm increasing to 1200 mm – please ensure that the length chosen is at least 4 mm from the base of the fuel tank once fitted.
  • Tubular Sensor Stainless Steel
  • Suitable for Fuel (Oi -Petroleum-Diesel-Gasoline) and Water
  • 700mm length
Package includes:
  • Deep-Pipe Level Sensor
  • Installation Kit
  • Safety Instructions
  • Installation Instructions
TE Superseal connector2-Pole IP67
Operating temp.-25° C to 65° C (-13° F to 149° F)
Operating voltage6 to 24 VDC
Compensation chamberYes
Flange5-Hole SAE Flange 54mm PA66 GF30
Wiring harness with length of200mm
Signal ranges240 to 33 Ohm
Protection ratingIP67

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