Kobelt 4107-U Pneumatic Throttle Actuator

Pneumatic Throttle Actuator.

SKU:  4107-U

Kobelt 4107-U Actuator

10-80 psi input pressure range

The 4107 Throttle Actuator is used in conjunction with pressure control heads to provide fast, accurate positioning of low and medium force mechanisms. Input pressure acts on a rolling diaphragm and against a spring, producing lever position output corresponding to the input pressure. The output lever is provided (threaded rod) with two jam nuts on either side of the output linkage which permits infinite stroke selection. This arrangement is ideally suited for multi-engine installations with a single source of control air pressure. The fine adjustment of the linkage will allow throttle adjustment for load equalization (not an automatic load share). This cylinder also features a manual override. This allows the engineer to operate the throttle actuator if there is no air supply. It can be done without having to disconnect any part of the linkage from the actuator.

  • Weight: 6 lb. (2.7 kg)
  • Material: Die cast silicon bronze and stainless steel hardware
  • Max. Input Pressure: 125 psi (8.6 bar)
  • Operating Temp. Range: -40° C to +90° C
  • Pipe Port Size: ¼" NPT
  • Max. Stroke: 3½" (89 mm)
  • Stroke as Linear Activator: 1" (25 mm)

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