Echotec DML-780-2 Watermaker 24V DC, 32Gph / 120Lph

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With the release of the new 24 Volt Watermaker, ECHOTec achieved a breakthrough in efficiency for watermakers…

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With the release of the new 24 Volt Watermaker, ECHOTec achieved a breakthrough in efficiency for watermakers, utilizing ultra-reliable triplex ceramic plunger pumps.

The ECHOTec pump is a low revolution (570 RPM) stainless steel version, driven by a highly efficient permanent magnet motor, designed for continuous duty under tropical conditions.

No low reliable and service intensive energy recovery pumps or irreparable electronic circuits that can stall the entire system are used on any ECHOTec yacht watermaker.
These desalination systems are made without “bells and whistles” for live aboard offshore cruising and racing with peace of mind.

As for all other ECHOTec watermakers, only highest quality raw materials that have proven to withstand continuous duty in a harsh marine environment are selected for ultimate reliability and lifetime. Therefore, we fabricate all wetted components including the true regulating pressure valve and all high-pressure fittings from high-grade austenitic stainless steel.

The Echotec DML-780-2 Watermaker contains:
  • Boost pump: x1
  • Low pressure Gauge, -30 – 60 PSI, Bottom connection: x1
  • Fresh water flush kit: x1
  • Maintenance kit: x1
  • Extended maintenance kit: x1
Power – Ampere at 24V DC 38A
High-Pressure Pump Head, AISI 316
High-Pressure Pump, Low Noise
High-Pressure hoses, O-Ring Sealed
Fittings and Regulator, Duplex
Pump Motor Epoxy Sealed
Anti-Vibration Pump Unit Mount
Membrane Vessel Assembly, Duplex
Filter Brackets 3pcs. AISI 316
Remote Control Panel, AISI 316
1500 PSI Gauge, AISI 316L / Monel
40’ Braided Hose / AISI 316 clamps
Manual Product Diverter Valve
Cleaning/Storage 3-Way Valve
Hardener / pH neutralizer
Feed Pump, Centrifugal
Filter Condition Gauge AISI 316L optional
Filter Condition Gauge AISI 303 optional
TDS Meter, Real Time optional
Flush Kit, w. valve, AISI316 bracket optional
Flush Kit, basic, Alu bracket optional
Flush Timer optional

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