Stabilization Information

    *Name of the boat:

    *Boat maker:

    *Hull number:

    *Length over all (m):

    *Length at water line (m):

    *GM (Metacentric Height) (m):

    *Displacement (tons):

    (More detailed information regarding the GM and the displacement in different load conditions will be very helpful if available.)  

    *Beam at water line (m):

    *Full speed (knots):

    *Cruise speed (knots):

    *Slowest speed at which full Active stabilization is required (knots):

    *Engine RPM at slowest Active stabilization speed:

    *Maximum Engine RPM:

    *Hull material:

    *Control power supply:



    *Output Voltage:



    Existing hydraulic system (if installed)

    Bow Thruster:

    Stern Thruster:

    Anchor Windlass:


    Older Stabilizing system:

    Hydraulic pump installation information:

    *Full name:


    Phone number:

    *Υποχρεωτικά πεδία

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