Veratron A2C1824820001 AcquaLink – OceanLink Single EngineBox, 12-24V DC, NMEA 2000

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AcquaLink – OceanLink Single EngineBox 12-24V DC NMEA 2000.

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AcquaLink – OceanLink Single EngineBox 12-24V DC NMEA 2000.

The EngineBox expands the possibilities of the NavBox for multi-engine applications or can be used as stand-alone when navigation information is not required. The EngineBox has a NMEA 2000 and a J1939 CAN port. The EngineBox can also be used on older, completely analog engines, thanks to the analog input ports provided and designed for RPM data, resistive sensors and capacitive sensors.

The EngineBox has to be set up using an intuitive PC configuration tool making it easy for programming the inputs (delivered free of charge). Thanks to the ISO 8846:1990 compliance, the EngineBox is also designed to be installed in engine compartments.

  • Analog to NMEA 2000 gateway
  • J1939 to NMEA 2000 gateway
  • 2 Models for single engine and dual engine configurations
  • Compact design
  • Status LED
  • 1x J1939 Input
  • 1x M12 5 pins NMEA 2000®
  • 1x Input 0–4 kHz for RPM
  • 4x Inputs 0 – 400 Ohm
  • 2x Inputs 4 – 20 mA
  • 1x Input 0 – 5 V
  • Serie: Veratron AcquaLink
  • Operating voltage: 8-28V DC multivolt
  • Operating temperature range: -40° C ~ +85° C
  • Input: CAN Bus & Analog

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