Planus PLMONO024 Sani-Processor 24V Pro-Lift Mono

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Sani-Processor 24V Pro-Lift Mono.

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Κωδικός:  PLMONO024

Planus has a range of professional transfer units for pumping grey or black waters with a patented system, to pump higher vertical distances when necessary to reach holding tanks. The units contain one or two Vortex pumps, extremely powerful and quiet thanks to patented anti-cavitation system.

The units are furnished with an integrated one-way valve.

Pro-Lift is a stainless steel box perfectly sealed, able to be installed in any environment; it’s the only certified grey water transfer unit with IP68 protection which can be installed in locations which can be exposed to water, such as the bilge.

Pro-Lift is compliant with MARINE ISO 8846 – EN 28846 & EN ISO 10133 – EN ISO 13297

With regards to “protection against ignition of surrounding flammable gases”. It can be installed in the locations where the regulation requires a higher safety level for the possible presence of flammable gases.

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