Planus Artic Bidet Short

With the New Planus Artic Marine Toilet and Bidet Range the best has just got better…

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With the New Planus Artic Marine Toilet and Bidet Range the best has just got better. Featuring the innovative Vortex pump you can say goodbye to Inferior & Noisy Toilets. A great alternative to the Tecma Silent Plus and the Dometic VacuFlush toilets the Artic range is available in 12v, 24v and 230v and a variety of styles to suit all installation applications. The patented Vortex pump means all components are located within the luxury ceramic bowl and the toilet is quiet when operated. Comfort and quality comes as standard, featuring the Planus TOUCH switches and soft close seat. Featuring a wide selection of sizes, stainless steel fixings, a large bowl for maximum comfort and fitted as standard by the leading Luxury Yacht and Motor Boat manufacturers.

Noiseless Operation

Important innovations make the Planus Bidet even quieter than customers have come to expect. The Vortex system has been developed and refined over the years to offer quiet operation and superior pump distances compared to standard toilet systems on the market.

Vortex System

Over the years, we have developed and refined the vortex system. The high speed of rotation of the VORTEX pump and the geometric design of its piping create a great vacuum able to remove water and organic waste from the bowl. The high level of performance ensures the greatest possible flexibility in planning the route of the discharge hoses, allowing it to reach significant distances and heights. Ultra quiet operation is achieved making the toilet unobtrusive and a pleasure to use. Gone are the days of noisy Vacuum flushed toilets thanks to Planus. Freedom to choose the route of the discharge hoses. The high performances of the VORTEX pump placed inside the base of the ceramic bowl foot gives the greatest possible flexibility in planning the route of the discharge hoses. The VORTEX pump is capable of discharging into a holding tank, even at a significant distance, or directly to the sea.

Planus TOUCH Switches

The Planus Artic Marine Toilet and Bidet comes as standard with the Planus TOUCH switches. Featuring fine Italian design and innovation like the toilet itself. Featuring night illumination activated by moving your hand over the switch and illuminating which button to use. Making it easier for guests to know how to use the toilet. Available in two colours and one or two button versions for dry and wet bowl applications. Make your decision when ordering.

Models in the Planus Artic Marine Toilet Range

There are three models in the Planus Artic range to choose from. The dimensions are shown below and cover most applications on board.

  • Large bowl for maximum comfort
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Easy installation, all components integrated within the toilet
  • Reliable operation backed up by 1 year warranty and UK technical support
  • High quality finish and components
  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Planus TOUCH switches supplied as standard

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