Sleipner VFS1950-A Vector Fins™ 1,95m², at anchor priority

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Κωδικός:  VFS1950-A
Μήκος σκάφους
27 - 37 m


90mm shaft. Set of port and starboard Vector fins™ in size 1.95m² with variable shaft positioning, suitable for boats between 27-42 meters (90-140 feet).

At anchor priority

Also available in positions:
  • Mixed priority
  • High-speed priority
The only top-performing stabilizer system for both cruising and at anchor-use. The fins' unique shape reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency – translating more of their power into actual roll stabilization. Enhanced comfort and safety – with none of the drawbacks from flat fins.


Choose between three positions:
  1. At anchor priority
  2. Mixed priority
  3. High-speed priority


  • Up to 50% more efficient than flat fins.
  • Up to 55% less side-effects than flat fins.
  • Advanced hydrodynamic fin design.
  • 20% - 50% less resistance than other fins, results in virtually no loss of speed and thereby no added fuel consumption.
  • All fins are prepared for high efficiency in any speed - 2:1 size ratio, also at anchor.
  • The fins are made as a "one-shot" vacuum injected vinylester process over pre-shaped core material in a closed mold method.
  • Designed with rowing and math layers to ensure maximum strength and minimum weight. Can even withstand small damages without totally disintegrating afterward as traditional production methods often allow.


The concave shape of the Vector Fins™ creates multilateral force direction improving the stationary positioning of a vessel while at anchor. The uniqueness of the design also becomes evident while underway as it improve in effectiveness as speed increases. Sea trials have proven that Vector Fins™ are up to 50% more efficient at anchor and capable of reducing the uncomfortable rolling motions of the vessel by up to 95% while cruising.
Designed to fit in small and challenging installation areas, the Vector Fins™ unique cone shaft design allows you to utilize the space onboard to install the actuators in any direction and insert the fins into the position you require.
Sleipner’s Vector Fins™ are designed with breaking points that will collapse in the unfortunate event of hard contact. Damage will be primarily isolated to the fins, reducing damage to the hull and actuators of your vessel that could lead to expensive out-of-water repairs.
Vector Fins™ has a unique patented design that dramatically improves roll reduction while simultaneously reducing yaw and sway motions. Constructed with innovative layered vacuum injected vinyl ester compound covering pre-molded foam makes the Vector Fins™ lighter in weight than other fins on the market.
Sleipner continually reinvests in developing and offering the latest technology in marine advancements. Patented products are revolutionary one-of-a-kind designs available and sold exclusively by Sleipner.
  • (H) Height: 1054.1mm / 41.5in
  • (L) Length: 2081mm / 81.9in
  • (W) Width: 533mm / 21in
Ideal Vessel ClassCommercial vessel, Motor boat
Bow CapabilityYes
Stern CapabilityNo
Retractable CapabilityNo
External Mounting CapabilityYes
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