Sleipner 8730B S-Link™ interface, bow thruster electric/hydraulic 12V/24V

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S-Link™ interface, bow thruster electric/hydraulic 12V/24V.

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Κωδικός:  8730B


S-Link™ interface to connect footswitch, control panel, and radio remote to the S-Link™ system. Multivoltage 12V/24V.


S-Link™ is a CAN-based control system used for communication between Sleipner products installed on a vessel.

  • Compact and waterproof plugs
  • Keyed and color-coded connectors to ensure correct and easy installation
  • Different cable lengths, extenders and T-connectors makes the system scalable and flexible to install

Typical vessel class: Commercial vessel, Motor boat, Sail boat

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