Sleipner 10-4435B-W-01 Stand alone hydraulic power pack for SPS55B-VF650

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Hydraulic power pack for Vector fins™ VF650 and actuators SPS55.

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Κωδικός: 10-4435B-W-01


Water C. 3.5kw AC, W.flow, test. Hydraulic power pack for Vector fins™ VF650 and actuators SPS55.

This a complete hydraulic power unit (HPU) for installations where the vessel does not have a hydraulic thruster system. All of the hose and wire connections are pre-installed, allowing for faster system install and startup in the field. All connections are focused on two sides of the tank, allowing installation in confined spaces.


Sleipner offers similar pre-connected and easy-to-install central hydraulic systems when other hydraulic consumers, typically thrusters, are required. These have a similar level of integration while of course being a bit larger due to the higher capacities required by thruster systems. When combined with a hydraulic thruster system, the stabilizers and thrusters communicate via our S-link CAN-bus system, enabling automatic power distribution to where it is needed at the time, and even stabilizer control from the inexpensive thruster control panels.

Operating Power: Electric

Ideal Vessel Class: Commercial vessel, Motor boat.

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