Morse MT3 Twin Lever top mount control

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MORSE twin lever top mount controls provide both shift and throttle operation.

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Κωδικός:  TXCH5320P

MORSE twin lever top mount control provide both shift and throttle operation for outboards / inboards.
The MT-3 control has become the industry standard incorporating classic binnacle styling with dual function levers and a high-quality of finish. Suitable for inboards with hydraulic gearboxes, outboards, and stern drives. Not suitable for engines with heavy governor loads (ie. Gardner diesel).

  • Each lever operates both shift and throttle (two levers for two engines)
  • Easy distinctive action with positive detents in forwarding/neutral/reverse
  • Handle pulls out to operate neutral throttle warm-up
  • Can be mounted left or right hand
  • Can only shift at low RPM, thereby protecting the gearbox
  • Optional neutral safety switch to ensure engine only starts when in neutral
  • Dual station capability (requires exchangers)
  • Chrome housing gives a quality look to your saloon, cabin, or flybridge
  • Three shift stroke adjustment positions.
  • Built-in friction drag helps prevent slippage and throttle creep while underway
  • Marine quality chrome-plated die-cast zinc alloy housing
  • Zinc alloy mechanism
  • Stainless steel link plates

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