MZ Electronic WHC040 Hand held remote control unit

Hand held remote control unit.

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Κωδικός:  WHC040


Hand held remote control unit.

  • Receiver voltage: 10…30VDC
  • Internal wireless rechargeable lithium ion battery (Charger included)
  • IP degree: IP67
  • Chain measure from 0 to 999 meters/feet
  • Monochromatic backlit graphic LCD display 128×128 pixel
  • Radio transmission 868MHz
  • Possibility to control 1 windlass and 2 thrusters (6 channels)
  • “Warping” mode to activate a capstan (no chain measure)
  • 5 languages display
  • Automatic descent function
  • Up alert function
  • Keyboard block function to prevent accidental activation
  • Chain speed display
  • Voltage display
  • Size 170x80x50mm

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