Kobelt 6531 Electronic Actuator 24V (6531-CS24)

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Κωδικός:  6531-CS24

The 6531 was designed to handle medium duty positioning functions. The 6531 has an internal electric disconnect clutch, and has an output shaft that allows for 90 degrees of rotation and a maximum torque of 150 in. lbs.
The 6531 comes with either a 12 or 24 volt DC motor and has a reduction gear of 200 to 1. The 6531 has a single lever, allowing for control of a single function. 

The actuator is made in bronze and
stainless steel. It has a worm wheel drive
onto a spur gear drive giving a reduction
gear ratio of 200 to 1. The output shaft has
a total of 90° of rotation and a maximum
torque of 150 in.-lb.
What really separates the Kobelt actuator
from other actuators is the electric clutch
which disengages upon power failure,
allowing the unit to be manually controlled
or mechanically remote controlled.
A spring mechanism is available that will
return the clutch to neutral and the throttle
to idle automatically upon power failure.
The Throttle Actuator can be reversed in
the field for either left hand or right hand
rotation. The Clutch Actuator can also be
adjusted simply by reversing wires that are
easily accessible. The main controller can
be adjusted to limit the handle travel in
either direction to suit either the gearbox or
throttle movements. 

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