Kobelt 4204-A Double Acting Self-Centering Actuator

2-direction Positioner Actuator 10-80 psi range.

Κωδικός:  4204-A

2-direction Positioner Actuator 10-80 psi range.
The 4204 is a pivot mounted spring centered cylinder. Applying air pressure to either side of the piston will cause the piston rod to move accordingly.

This cylinder is mostly used for the control of marine hydraulic reverse reduction gears and serves as a three position actuator providing control over the hydraulic clutch valve. With no air pressure in either control port, the output rod is centered. By applying air pressure, the piston rod will move to either extreme position. The piston rod stroke is one inch in either direction making a total stroke of two inches. When used as a three position control cylinder, order model 4204-C.

The same configuration cylinder is also available for infinite positioning of variable hydraulic delivery valves and pumps. It is possible to infinitely position the output rod by varying the air pressure to either side of the cylinder. When using this configuration, order model 4204-A. The basic difference between the two configurations is the spring. Constructed in bronze and stainless steel.

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