ABT-TRAC 540 Digital stabilizer

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Κωδικός:  ABT-TRAC-540


TRAC Digital Stabilizers dramatically improve ride comfort in any sea-state or wave angle. TRAC’s 3-term control detects vessel motion and instantly adjusts fin position to counteract roll.

The TRAC exclusive touch-screen LCD user panel is simple and intuitive to operate. With one-touch activation, TRAC automatically adjusts for changes in seastate, wave angle, and vessel speed.

TRAC’s exclusive Fin and Winglet are computer optimized to generate more anti-roll force and less drag than conventional fins.

TRAC actuators feature a unique fail-safe capability that mechanically locks the fins when required. No more lifting floorboards or trips to the bilge to “pin the fins”.

TRAC Stabilizers are built for heavy-duty service. Load bearing components are intentionally oversized. Double sealed shaft housings require no maintenance
between haulouts. Our unique inboard hull flange mounting system speeds installation and eliminates costly, dry rot prone, wooden blocks.

TRAC systems are extensively documented and delivered ready-to-install. Key assemblies are factory tested, and cabling is custom fabricated for every vessel. Expert support is always available from factory technicians and through our global service network.

TRAC Digital Stabilizers are installed as standard equipment by more of the world’s top yacht builders than any other brand. For exceptional performance, highest quality, and unmatched support, choose TRAC.

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