Xantrex Digital echo-charger (82-0123-01)

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SKU:  82-0123-01

Xantrex’s Auxillary Echo-Charge Battery is an electrical system management accessory. It conveniently charges auxiliary or starting batteries from an existing charging source, such as a battery charger or inverter/charger. The Auxillary Echo-Charge Battery is digital and detects when the source battery bank is being charged and directs a portion of the charge current to auxillary or starting batteries.

  • 15 Amp maximum charge current
  • Automatically adjusts for 12-Volt or 24-Volt battery banks (both battery banks must be the same DC voltage and battery type)
  • Automatically switches on/off without affecting the in-house battery bank or over-charging
  • Utilizes excess current from the primary charging source
  • Built-in thermal and over-current circuits


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