Sleipner SM-139896 Gearleg SH360/SAC360 without propeller

Gearleg SH360/SAC360 without propeller. SH360 Gearleg complete.

2.870,16 (VAT excl.)
3.559,00 (24% VAT incl.)

SKU:  SM139896

Gearleg SH360/SAC360 without propeller. SH360 Gearleg complete.


The thruster gearleg is supplied with oil from a separate reservoir above the waterline to monitor oil levels.


Two counter-rotating propellers offer the most thrust at a good performance ratio in a minimal tunnel diameter. This system is used in our larger thrusters for maximum power. Our twin-counter thruster range is the favorite among leading boatbuilders in high-end yachts.

  • Single Propeller: No
  • Twin Propellers: No
  • Twin Counter Rotating Propellers: Yes
  • Gravity Feed Lubrication: Yes
  • Sealed Drive Lubrication: No
  • Flexible Coupling: No
  • Ceramic Seals: No
Sparepart for:
  • Hydraulic thrusters: SH360/300TC-BA19, SH360/300TC-BA23
Ideal vessel integration
  • Typical vessel class: Commercial vessel, Motor boat, Sail boat

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