Sherwood 25121 Major Kit

647,58 (VAT excl.)
803,00 (24% VAT incl.)

SKU:  25121-SHW

Sherwood- Major Kit with Impeller, 2 O-Rings, Cover, Key, Cam, Cam Screw, Mechanical Seal, Lip Seal, Wear Plate, Shaft & Bearing Assembly, Key retention Plug
Estimated Shipping Weight:  9 Lbs Each.

This repair kit is suitable for the following pump models: P1710, P1710-02, P1710-04, P1710A, P1710C, P1710X, P1726, P1726X, P1732-01, P1732-02, P1732-04, P1732A, P1732C and P1732X

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