Kobelt 7173-TX4 Electronic Transfer Box

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SKU:  7173-TX4

Transfer Box 3 Stations

The device is used in full follow up steering

system for up to four station control. This unitis designed to coordinate the orders fromvarious station controls and transfer panels andrelay the appropriate input signals to the FullFollow-Up Amplifier such as model 7173-KASor 7173-K for steering control. The unit alsoprovides an option of dimmer and lamp test forthe controls. 

Operating on the relay logic platform, this unitoperates with 12 or 24 VDC power input. Itcan be expanded to serve greater numberof control stations within the systemlimitation.The device can be installed almostanywhere aboard ship because of itswatertight and corrosion-resistantenclosure which can protect the equipmentfrom the uncompromising effect of theenvironment. 

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