Hy-ProDrive R2240 Spare Motor 24v (R2240-24-25)

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760,48 (VAT excl.)
943,00 (24% VAT incl.)

SKU:  R2240-24-25

Motor kit for PC25 12V:  R2240-sk 25 12

Motor kit for PC25 24V:  R2240-sk 25 24

Motor kit for PC30 & PC45 12V:  R2240-sk 45 12

Motor kit for PC30 & PC45 24V:  R2240-sk 45 24

Spare motor kits are available for the current PC30 and PC45 as well as the earlier PC25 constant running pumps

Kit includes motor, EMC filter box plus any necessary seals or couplings etc.

For further information please contact us using the form below.

Note that they are not suitable for use in petrol driven vessels or in petrol tank spaces.

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