Hy-ProDrive HS+40 15 Sreering System 12v (HS40-15-12-200)

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SKU:  HS40-15-12-200

HS+40 15 12   200mm Stroke cylinder & PR+15 12 pump

The HS+40 hydraulic steering system has been designed specifically for marine secondary steering applications. It comes fitted with a PR+ reversing pump which, depending on the size of pump selected, can produce thrusts of up to 6900N. A solenoid clutch is fitted that when disengaged enables mechanical steering to be used. Built-in relief valves protect the installation and there is a further option of mounting a linear feedback transducer on the cylinder.

The systems consist of a compact cylinder which includes the clutch and relief valves, pump, reservoir and all hoses and fittings. They come pre-filled and bled ready for use and are supplied complete with fasteners for mounting the cylinder and pump, and a tiller bolt.

Ingress protection: IP67
EMC Protection S EN 60945: 2002 (DC)
Ignition Protection BS EN 28846: 1993
EN ISO 10592: 1995 (Small Craft – Hydraulic Steering Systems)
Ambient Operating Temperature: -15 to +55 deg C
Max Operating Thrust: 6900N (Intermittent)
Relief Valve setting: 62 bar (7800N)
Orientation: Red lead to positive – Extends
Black lead to positive – Retracts
Clutch coil: 12 watt
Clutch connection: DIN 43650 (6-8 mm cable)
Fluid: ISO VG10 to VG40 hydraulic mineral fluid to ISO 6743-4 HV
Weight: 11 kg

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